Tips on How to Teach Your Cat to Care Of Itself

Many people have been biased towards dogs as they seem to be the only pets that can learn some of the things that the taught involuntarily and voluntary. Cats can also be trained as they possess and ability just like dogs to be able to learn some few things that you teach them. Discussed below is some expert advice on how to trailer to take care of itself even better.

There is a need for training your car to sit down as it instills a sense of discipline in them. You can use simple tricks in making your cat sit down, and this can be the basis for many more other methods that you might have to teach them in the future. For you to execute these, there is need to use a treat as a form of positive reinforcement. You can administer they treat to help the guards to learn how to sit down by holding it over their heads and then slowly shifting into the tail where they will have to sit down to get the treat.

You could also train your cat to know various tricks that enable them to do high-fives. How the trick works is that you can be able to make the treat as high and as far as possible to the current weather would have to extend their paws to reach towards the treatment and this is when you continue your hand for a high five. In order have an easy time teaching them the tricks, there is need to be able to reward them immediately after they achieve even the smallest of the tasks you want. A similar technique can also be applied in teaching your cat how to wave goodbye.

Subsequent pieces of training should also be undertaken with the purpose of promoting your cat to know how to roll over. You can administer a very luring some gift to the cats mainly if it is chicken or tuna which they love so much and they don’t eat regularly. The first processes start with you making the cat sleep in a relaxed position, and you can continue petting them until they feel comfortable. You can then administer the treat to the side of the cat where it can only get the smell but not see, and it will have to roll over to get the treat when you are saying the command “roll over” until when it is acquainted with the command.

It is important to note that some of these tricks can be cross-applied towards dogs and cats as they have almost the same kind of reasoning.

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