Advanced genetic testing is making headlines again as people discuss healthcare policies, insurance costs, and overpopulation. A pioneer company of genetic testing, Pathway Genomics, is attributed with the development of state-of-the-art testing under the leadership of Jim Plante, who currently holds both technology and biotechnical patents. A prominent topic of the Affordable Healthcare Act, genetic testing was discussed as a way to determine pre-existing conditions and attempt preventative medical care to avoid the higher costs of some conditions and diseases.

An Example

If diabetes was part of a patient’s family history, for example, testing would indicate the likelihood of that person getting diabetes in the future. Measures and possible medications to keep weight down, regulate blood sugars, and improve circulation would be a priority before the onset of the disease. The goal was to avoid the high costs of treating diabetes. The same type of testing could be done for cancers, liver disease, kidney disease, and other medical conditions that were driving up the cost of healthcare and insurance premiums.


Mr. Plante has over twenty-five years of experience as a biotechnology entrepreneur and is currently the CEO of Klotho Therapeutics, which he founded. The focus of this company is the treatment of kidney and other diseases. He remains an industry leader and investor, which means he is someone to watch, follow, and learn from.

Genetic Testing Today

Advances and research continue in the hopes of finding ways to eradicate debilitating and life-threatening medical conditions. The debate regarding testing is an interesting one. Proponents view these tests as necessary for medical progress. Protesters view testing as a way to determine if pregnancies should be terminated, who is deserving of limited treatment options, and if disenfranchised or low-income patients will have access to medications.

Another Aspect

Genetic testing is also offered by many companies for ancestry information. The trend today is to send in DNA and discover what the test results reveal about where people come from and where ancestors resided. Some tests are inexpensive while others are priced higher. This is not for medical purposes, but strictly for fun.

Other tests are available for medical and screening purposes. There are testing kits that can be purchased over the counter to test for bloodborne pathogens, illegal substances, sexually transmitted diseases, and contagious illnesses. These results are advertised as being confidential, which encourages people to send tests into the company.

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